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Frequent mood swings, unmanageable stress, inability to sleep, sudden mental breakdown - do any of these sounds familiar? They may be more than just “feeling under the weather.”

It may feel scary to no longer have full control over your wellbeing. But you don’t have to bear your challenges alone. We believe you have the strength to get through it and we have the tools to help you do so.

Our team of licensed therapists specializes in addressing a range of issues, from the more prevalent ones like anxiety, panic attacks or depression, to the ones we’re most likely to ignore such as self-image, emotional eating or sleep deprivation. We help you take care of your overall wellbeing, all from the privacy of your own home or office.

Being exclusively online-based means more flexibility for you. Anytime, anywhere… we’re there. Our service packages are affordable, keeping every budget in mind. Not only that, but also your initial 20 mins consultation with us is FREE of charge.


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The Stories of Success

It’s not very often that you meet someone who transforms your outlook towards life ! I was lucky to meet Zdenka two years ago as she did precisely that for me. It was a tough time for me and Zdenka coached me through it in the most effective way possible. Zdenka uses both science and spirituality to coach and helps with stress management. She also gives tools and tips for stress management and provides inputs on overall lifestyle changes that are sustainable and effective. I am truly lucky to have met Zdenka and have her as my Coach & Therapist


Thank you, Zdenka! After first session, and  my son has just walked in as different man! He has clearly adored and greatly benefited from his time with you. Indeed he is raving how much you made complete common sense. He told us that from the outset he felt completely at ease and again he fully likes your advice and guidance.

 A.C. May 8th 2019

Thank you SOOO much for all your wonderful insight and information which you passed on to me in the course. I really enjoyed it very much I have tried this kind of thing before, but I really find your class excellent. I definitely will try to practice what you taught me as I really do believe it helping me. Thank you for the help you gave me. It really was lovely to meet you, and I hope to see you again.

Jacqueline January 16, 2013

Coaching with Andrea has been a successful and productive experience for more than four years. She is professional, supportive and a role model of what she is coaching. Through regular meetings, detailed measurements and follow up analysis, I got to understand how my body works with my eating, workouts and even sleep. Finally, she helped me to maintain the lifestyle I always wanted over the last few years and will keep it for many years to come. Hassan Aqeel, Geologist Supervisor, Saudi Arabia

As part of the Saudi Aramco Wellness program we have utilized Andrea’s services as a coach to support our employees with their wellness needs especially regarding nutrition. Andrea has a wide depth and breadth of knowledge on food psychology, behavior issues and healthy eating and has proved to be an exceptional coach for employees struggling with issues regarding weight management, healthy eating , motivation and health and wellness issues.  Her knowledge extends well beyond nutrition and her success with her clients is due to her ability to empathize with them by listening to their situation, concerns and needs and making sure that she offers the right guidance and support – A real asset to our organization and programs.

Paul Burgess, Human Energy Management, HR, Saudi Arabia

Working with Andrea has significantly improved my overall health and fitness over the years. She acknowledges every aspect that influences diet and exercise. She is understanding, genuine, and willing to go above and beyond to help her clients. As a result of working with Andrea, my entire lifestyle (activity level, diet, and general attitude towards fitness) has drastically ameliorated. Over five years of working together, she has consistently made the perfect adjustments to help me lead a better life. Any time I have struggled with my lifestyle, she has always steered me towards the right track again in a non-judgmental and supportive way. She coached me to look good and feel good about my body. Whether you need simple, swift changes or a significant lifestyle makeover, Andrea is the perfect person for the job.

Fatima, Saudi Arabia

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Why is self-care important?

Well, we can’t function very well if we aren’t very well. If it is important to us to be able to take care of others, then we must pay attention to our own well-being. My favorite analogy for this is clichéd, but accurate. When you get on an airplane and the flight attendant gives that safety spiel, when they get…


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