Therapy for Anxiety at BeWellPathway

What is anxiety?

Anxiety can often feel like it is beyond your control, and you may have been trying to control it for years but feel like it just won’t stop! It is often the case, that anxiety is not supposed to be controlled as such. Anxiety is there to tell us something. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help to process what the anxiety is trying to tell us.

Other times, however, the anxiety is more over-reactive, out of line with the current situations and extremely limits living the life you want to live. This can lead to an over sensitivity to triggers, low sense of self-worth or trust in one’s abilities and sense of security in the world.

There are strategies which can be used to challenge and direct thought and emotional processes to manage the anxiety and help bring it to lower levels so that processing and coping with it becomes much easier. Then you can start to overcome the anxiety and begin to live your best life.