Zdenka Mazurek

Zdenka Mazurek

Mental & Physical Wellness Coach

Health-conscious and performance driven professional with recognized background providing quality, evidence-based physical/mental care services within dynamic and high-pressure environments. Remarkable efficiency in organizing independent sessions and workshops focused on mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of grownups. Possessing strong knowledge on preventive, predictive, and proactive medicine, personal coaching, health and wellbeing / body assessment, stress management, breathing, and yoga teaching.

Professional Experience
Personal Coach / Stress Management Facilitator / Yoga Teacher irn

Unique blend of skills allows Zdenka to deliver quality services as personal wellness coach, stress management facilitator, and yoga teacher to clients who search for improvement of their health & wellbeing, and emotional balance. She provides behavioural and emotional support to people seeking deep happiness and inner peace. She employs a combination of the best practices and leads people in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Led the design and ownership of 15 hours’ stress management program “Invite the Calm” since 2012 within the local Community Education Centre.

Successfully responded and resolved clients’ issues by delivering calm/optimum solutions to defuse stressful situations while maintaining safety/security / confidentiality of client/staff.

Recognized for serving as consistent clients advocate while communicating compassionately and effectively with clients and caregivers to facilitate outstanding levels of care and services

Relevant Education & Certificates

Resource (formerly Ego State) Therapy, 2013

Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine, 2012

Quantum Touch Therapist, Practicing since 2008

Emotional Freedom Therapist, Practicing since 2007

Instructor of Yoga Fit – Saudi Aramco Recreation Services, since 2009

Certified Teacher of Stress Management on Organizational Level (OWLS)

Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) | Flinders University of South Australia – School of Nursing, Australia

Diploma of General Nursing | Institute of Education, Nursing College, Czech Republic